Character Creation


Make at least 2-3 characters, with motivation for attending the school.
Stats: 30pt buy
Starting level: 5
Starting gold: No gold limit, just items that would make sense for a person going to college.
HP: See Hit Point Progression Chart (PDF File)
Special: Every level all players recieve a hero point (an additional 1D6 to any one 20-sided roll).
Special: You can choose one magic item not to exceed 2,000GP (+1 weapon or an item of equal value). Your character must have a storyline reason to have this item and it must be from the DMG.

ALLOWABLE RACES: only those found in PHB, Races of Stone, Races of the Wild, and Races of Destiny. Illumian (RoD) are modified a great deal. Level Adjustment will be in effect.

RESTRICTED CLASSES: Duskblade, Hexblade, Warlock, Ninja, Spell Thief, and Shugen.

ADDITIONAL ALLOWABLE CLASSES: Expert, Spellcaster, Specialist (all found in Complete Arcane), Binder, Shadowmage and Truename Magician (found in Tome of Magic).

ALLOWABLE CANNON: PHB, PHB2, DMG, RoS, RoW, RoD, CW, CA, CM, CD, CC, CA, CS, Lords of Madness, Sandstorm, Frostburn and Tome of Magic.

TALK TO ME: I’m pretty open to original ideas and stuff from other books. As long as it’s based in story not mechanic. Nothing from “I found it online.”

Character Creation

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