Boccob temple

The three religious temples are: Boccob (deity of mages), Kord (deity of warriors), and Oldimara (deity of thieves) The temple of Boccob resembles the Blood Elf area in WoW. Golden, shinning and glitzy. If a building could be arrogant, this small temple would be. Even in it’s charity it comes off as demeaning.

But all the temples are small. They are basically a space to heal and pray. Any staff here would be less than 10 people are forgotten when it comes to the administration. They are not there for training, they are there as a service.

AFTER THE DOME: this church has always held to it’s namesake, by being predominately illusions and shrouded in secrecy. It’s hard to tell how much it’s changed since before the dome. Currently it is still shrouded in illusion, even going so far as to create illusions of worshipers attending and preying. In all likelihood, it was abandoned a while back and it’s followers blended in with either the skill or combat schools.


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