The academy is run like an army. Falgred was raised in a conscripted form of combat which has it’s pros and cons. Much of the teachings are effective and their historical accuracy is pretty spot on. Any student who trains here will be happily accepted into any army, militia, or town guard.

The downside is that it is focused on group combat. The solo adventurer would find difficulty in applying much of the school’s teachings. Or as part of a self-defense class, one may find it diffult to adopt phalanx stances.

That being said, it isn’t useless it’s just specialized.

Flagred demands that the best fighters are sword-and-board. Most of the curriculium emphasizes this. About 70% of the courses are in sword-and-board (either technique, theory, maintenance, item quality, weaponsmithing, etc).

The modern day equivilant is the Police Academy. Every morning at 6AM the students meet in the main quad and do different training lap till they meet in the training arena. Then they do a series of push ups, dips, jumping jacks, or an additional run. It is different depending on the season/cycle they are in. It’s a lot of work, and takes a lot of time.

Most of the students in the department have a hard time “taking it off” and tend to walk around like a soldier even during their liesure time.

AFTER THE DOME: it’s becoming it’s own military fortress. They have created walls, traps, and defenses. They have become isolationists and will discover if this is a good thing … or spells their own doom.


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