Game Format

This will be a unique campaign.

Here are several mechanisms:

  1. ADD TO THE STORY: The players will be semi-DM’s as well. Helping the story along and creating investment in the end battle.
  2. TRANSPARENCY: I’m going to try something new and just tell you what creatures you find. It’s up to you to determine whether your character is familiar with it or not.
  3. CHARACTER FILE: It is possible your character may die. Make a back up character. Characters that die, may be brought back to life … or restored. But have another character on hand to pull out and join in quickly.
  4. SAVE-OR-DIE: Some encounters may result in instant death.
  5. DEATH IS ONLY THE BEGINNING: A character’s death (and/or ressurection) is crucial to the story.
  6. ENJOY THE OBSTACLE: Don’t pout or complain if something derails your character. It’s these obstacles that create the campaign (and fun moments!), like when Matt’s character was flipping cards in the Deck-of-Many-Things. We’ll talk about that moment more than a mini-maxed character.


Game Format

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