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You hopeless gnomes.

Do you really think your attendance here was by chance? That we did not seek out the heroes of The Fold to make a mockery of their reincarnation? Idiots.

You will see your precious lives turned into images of torture. Your slut friend will only fall victim to all the horrific designs we have for humanoids. They disfigure so easily. Their bodies, their spirits … and these diseased spirits fuel our goals.

The blood of a hero and the torture of innocents brings about the great Lord Orcus.

There has always been an imbalance, and the rising of The Chaos of Orcus will bring balance back to the world. For centuries nature ruled without challenge. The natural world betrayed our druidic order. Lord Orcus and his Chaos will challenge that tyranny, the tyranny of nature. Your efforts are feeble … I have already turned much of the campus to my side.

The magic ley lines of natural mountain, the suffering of the innocents and your blood … will raise Orcus. You gnomes can do nothing. Your whore friend can do nothing.

Long live The Discarded!

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