Illumian1I’ve always felt, as a race, Illumians were not really fleshed out. I’ve felt their physical design and their background didn’t draw a unique narrative or provide a unique perspective to the overall world.

In this campaign world the Illumians are a quiet, aloof civilization. They intentionally alienate themselves in an effort to keep sacred their secrets.

Their origin is from outerspace. From another plane. They are explorers looking to learn as much from this world as they can. Many feel as if their interactions with the Illumians come across as research instead of casual interaction.

Illumians attempt to guard their origins and their arcane secrets.

They resemble the “beings of light” from the Dark Crystal, instead of the very-human resembling visage from Races of Destiny.

As a race they constantly speak down to others, correct others, and come across as generally self-centered. They are scientists, on a research assignment. They are “entertained” by gnomish and halfling cultures. They are distant with goliath and dwarf cultures. A dominate ideology amongst their culture is that half-orcs, goliaths and raptorians belong in zoos … not at a university.

The elitist and intellectually successful raptorian society is a common foil for Illumians. Much like the competition between Vulcans and Romulans. Both civilizations believe theirs is the cultural superiority. Many times there will be a “implicit competition” as to who will get the highest grade in class between a raptorian, an elf, and or an illumian

The following are changes to the Racial Traits.


  • -2 CON
  • -2 STR
  • +2 CHR
  • Base Land Speed of 20 feet.
  • Levitation: Illumians feel most comfortable hovering 12" above the ground. They are able to cancel this levitation, but it is considered a vulnerable and inferior position for the Illumian. Whether levitating or running they still move at 20’ (as their legs aren’t conditioned to sprint). This allows them to move over rough terrian without any penalties as well as any RP advantage such as not leaving a trace or moving over broken glass without injury. Ascending or descending counts as a move action.
  • Improved Levitation: At 8th Level the Illumian is able to levitate 24" above the ground. Ascending or descending counts as a move action.

Which replace …

  • Base land speed of 30 feet.
  • Luminous Sigils (Su): The sigils that orbit your head glow softly, providing illumination equal to that of a candle.
  • Glyphic Resonance (Ex): You interact strangely with symbol-based spells.
  • Power Sigils (Su): One or more of your sigils glows brightly and provides certain bonuses.
  • Illumian Words (Su): Combinations of power sigils make an Illumian word of great power granting extra abilities.
  • Final Utterance (Ex): At death your body releases the stored Illumian language for 1 round per Hit Die.
  • +2 racial bonus on saves vs spells with the shadow descriptor.
  • Superior Literacy: Illumians are always literate. Speak Language is always a class skill.
  • Favored Class: Any


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